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The 3rd Symposium : Changes of social Structure in Late Medieval Europe(PDF)
작성자 : 관리자 등록일시 : 2016-08-23 16:47
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Changes of Social Structure in Late Medieval Europe 

The Third Koreano-Japanese Symposium on Medieval History of Europe

第三次 日韓西洋中世史硏究集回

日時: Mon. 2 May-Wed. 4 May 1994 
長所: Conference Room at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies

1st DayMon. 2 May
 Morning Session: 9:00~12:30Opening Address: Hee-soo LEW
 Joint Presiders : Dong-soon KIM and Takehi KIDO
1Yo TOKUHASHI (富山大學校)
 Urban Culture and Urban Lite in North-Central Italy
2Chi-won KANG (江原大學校)
 Marsilius von Padua: Ein politischer Denker in der Krise der Zeit
12:30 Luncheon (Lounge)
Afternoon Session: 13:30~16:30 
 3Tadaaki KANZAKI (淸泉女子大學校)
 The Impact of Francis of Assisi on the 13th Century-The Development of His Image and the Change of the Franciscan Order-
4Chun-chul CHANG (圓光大學校)
 A Debate on the Cluniac Relationship to Gregorian Reform
5Isamu SHIMADA (橫浜國立大學校)
 Uber das Religionsgesprach im Regensburger Reichstag von 1541
2nd DayTues. 3 May
 Morning Session: 9:00~12:00Joint Presiders: Suk-woo LEE and Yasukazu MORITA
 6Masako HIOKI (愛知縣立大學校)
 Trierer Markt im Mittelalter-Die Grundung des Trierer Haupt- bzw. Dommarktes-
7Saeng-yeoul CHOI (京畿大學校)
 The Nobility and the Church in Feudal France
12:00 Lunch (Lounge)
Afternoon Session: 13:30~16:00 
 8Soon-gab LEE (釜山大學校)
 The Making of Town in the 11th-Century England
9Bang-sun AHN (高麗大學校)
 A Reconsideration of 'Crsis of Feudalism' of Late Medieval England
10Yukio ARAI (お茶の女子大學校 )
 Gentry and Local Political Society in the Fifteenth-Century England: An Arbitration of the Stonor Dispute
3rd DayWed. 4 May
 Morning Session: 9:00~12:00Joint Presiders : Won-geun LEE and Yoko MIYOSHI
 11Il-hyoo KANG (水原大學校)
 The Relationship of French Towns with Philip Augustus
12Keiko SAITO (明治大學校)
 Un aspect de la police des vivres au moyen age-La consommation et I'approvisionnement en vin dans le comte du Hainaut-
12:00 Lunch (Lounge)
Afternoon Session: 13:30~16:00 
 13Tomohisa FUJITA (獨協大學校)
 Quelques considerations sur le probleme du declin des ordalies aux 12e et 13e siecles
14Hee-soo LEW (慶南大學校)
 Image sociale du paradis et I'enfer a la fin du Moyen Age
Closing Address: Takeshi KIDO


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