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The 5th Symposium : Ecclesiastical Ideologies and Secular Cultures in Medieval Europe(PDF)
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Ecclesiastical Ideologies and Secular Cultures in Medieval Europe 

The Fifth Korean-Japanese Symposium on Medieval History of Europe

第五次 日韓西洋中世史硏究集回

日時: Fri. 2 May - Sat. 3 May 2003
長所: Inchon Memorial Hall at Korea University

Arrival DayThur. 1 May 18:30 Reception Dinner
1st DayFri. 2 May
 Morning Session: 9:00~12:30Opening Address: Hee-soo Lew
 Joint Presiders : Tomihisa Fujita and Dong-soon Kim
1Satoshi Tada(Chukyo University)
 The Cult of Saints at Orl?ans in the Early Middle Ages 
 Coffee Break
2Kyung-koo Lee(Chonbuk National University)
 The Donation of Constantine and Church's Ideolgy
12:30 Luncheon (and Look-in at Uni. Museum)
Afternoon Session: 13:00~18:30Joint Presiders: Koichi Horikoshi and Chun-chul Chang
 3Byung-yong Kim(Chosun University)
 The Regnum et Sacerdotium: Einvernehmen zwischen Reich und Kirche von Johannes ⅩⅡ(955-963, +964) bis Silvester Ⅱ(999-1003) 
 Coffee Braeak
4Atsuko Iwanami(Keio University)
 Ideologische ?usserung in den Urkunden und die Schreibtechnik: Am Beispiel vom Reichsabt Wibald von Stablo und Corvey(1098-1158)
 Coffee Break
5Yong-ku Cha(Chung-Ang University)
 Frauenbild in Mittelater: Der Blick des Mannes
18:30: Dinner
2nd DaySat. 3 May
 Morning Session: 9:00~11:50Joint Presiders: Kenji Yoshitake and Il-hyoo Kang
 6Taiichiro Sugizaki(Chuo University)
 Cluny and the Secular Society in the Twelfth Century
 Coffee Break
7Chun-chul Chang(Wonkwang University)
 The signification for de excommunicato cupiendo by the bishop
11:50 Luncheon (and Walk at the Campus)
Afternoon Session: 13:30~17:50Joint Presiders: Yukio Arai and Joon-chul Park
 8Shunichi Ikegami(The University of Tokyo)
 L'image du loup-garou entre id?ologie eccl?siastique et culture populaire aux ⅩⅡe-ⅩⅢe si?cles
 Coffee Break
9Hee-soo Lew(Korea University)
 Quelques caract?ristipues des structures de parent? apparues dans I'anthroponymie des ⅩⅠe-ⅩⅡe si?cles
 Coffee Break
10Takeshi Kido(Gifushotogakuen University)
 The Growth of Lay Element in the English Civil Service of the Later Middles Ages
Closing Address: Atsushi Kawahara
18:30 Farewell Dinner


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